Joachim Horsley

Joachim Horsley is a composer, arranger, orchestrator. Recently he has composed the original score for the Dreamworks TV series “Spirit Riding Free,” the upcoming Disney animated series “Big City Greens,” and the 2017 feature films “2307: Winter’s Dream” and “Guys Reading Poems” (starring Patricia Velasquez). Other recent projects include arranging for Michael Bublé, John Legend's “All of Me” tour, and orchestrating Ben Folds' Piano Concerto. Working with composer Anton Sanko, Horsley orchestrated and conducted the score for the films "Ouija," "The Possession," and "Rabbit Hole" (starring Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart), as well as the TV series "Great Migrations," which aired on the National Geographic Channel and won a News and Documentary Emmy® for music and sound.

Horsley has a passion for mixing disparate styles of music, sometimes converting the body of the whole piano into a percussion ensemble. His piece “Beethoven In Havana,” a performance of the 2nd Movement of Beethoven’s 7th Symphony in a Cuban Rumba style, has been viewed over ten million times online in the first six months of its release, attracting international attention. He is currently creating a video series of similar "Invitations."

Between 2000 and 2005, Horsley and his brother Erich toured with their band LittleHorse, winning critical acclaim from numerous media, including Keyboard Magazine and National Public Radio, and earning the Grand Prize in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest for the song "I Want Your Love." Horsley was trained as a classical pianist from ages 5 through 12, and began his studies in jazz as a teenager. During high school, he began to record and perform his own compositions, learning a broad range of instruments and styles in the process. He played piano in hotels and jazz clubs in the Boston area during high school and continued to explore arranging and composition at Skidmore College in upstate New York. There he studied with Chris Brubeck, son of jazz legend Dave Brubeck, graduating in 2000 with a BA in Music with a focus in Composition and Recording Engineering. He continued his composition and orchestration studies with Samuel Adler at Freie universität in Berlin, Germany in 2006. Horsley has recorded and produced two solo albums of original works, and three albums with his band LittleHorse. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two children.